Questions about products

Q:Can Light Years 01 connect to a smart phone ?

A: Yes it is possible. By using headphone jack of smart phone, it connect to the Light Years01.
If you purchase a Bluetooth and WiFi audio receivers, it is possible to enjoy the music from smart phone with wireless.

Q:Can Light Years 01 play CD?

A:Light Years 01 can’t play a CD by itself.
If you use a PC or smart phone, portable audio, we think that you may use music files changed to WAV or AAC from its original CD data.
It is possible to substitute for CD player with some devices (PC or smart phone) which can play these music files.

Q: I hear unpleasant sound when I connect to the Bluetooth audio receiver.

If Bluetooth pairing (connecting) is done incorrectly, there is a possibility to make a strange sound caused by
that the phase of the left and right speakers is inverted or a part of sound frequencies is missed.
In this case, please try again pairing (connecting) under the condition that music devices and Bluetooth audio receiver are close.
(Easy to reach electric wave)
Repeating pairing (connecting) will improve it.

Q: Can I connect the headphones?

A: It is possible. Common 3.5 mm diameter plugs can be used. if your headphone plug is a 6.3 mm diameter,
you need to purchase additional 6.3mm to 3.5mm convert plug.


Questions about your purchase

Q: Is it possible to purchase with a credit card?

A: We do not handle the payment with a credit card now. We accept only cash on delivery or by postal transfer.
We are studying to deal with credit purchase now.

Q: Can I purchase it except online shopping?

A: Sorry. For the handmade order production, it is not available at electronics stores or etc.


Q: Please tell me about the failure of product support.

A: Being under warranty, repair is free.
Even if the warranty has expired, we will repair it regarding simple failure when you pay only material cost
so please use it at ease.

* Please note that the delivery date can be long depending on the repair content.