The characteristics and its quality of light Years 01.

First of all, the principles of make sound from the speakers is explained easily.

Flowing the audio signal current to the speaker coil from amplifier, the strength is generated and it vibrates cone paper.
It vibration shakes the air, it is transmitted to the human ears as sound.

If someone is asked “where does speakers sound come from ?” like that, most people answer “coming from the front of the speaker”.However, this answer is wrong. Shaking the air by cone paper in a speaker is that the sound is emitted back and front of portion connecting with cone paper and air in speakers.
The same sound which you hear is actually emitted the back of the speaker too.

Then the problem occurs. Though you only want to listen the sound went out from the front of the speaker,
because the same sound is also emitted from back of speakers, both sound should be interfered by bumping.

Therefore the speaker box (enclosure) is required.

The reason why the box is needed, it needs that the unnecessary sound emitted from back of speaker is restrained.
Also, moreover, in order to absorb the unnecessary sound from the back of the speakers, the absorber is used inside of the speaker boxes.


2 speakers

Sealed speaker Light Years 01 has no hole because the back of box for restraining unnecessary sound are literally sealed.In comparison with it, generally a marketed bass-reflex speaker has a hole somewhere (it may be on the back in some cases quietly. ) on the box for bass-reflex.

A bass-reflex type speaker has enhanced bass by using resonance of this duct (the hole). This is the same principle for going out the sound like “Bwoo-Bwoo” by blowing into the mouth of a bottle.

That difference in appearance between sealed type and bass reflex type is whether the hole is opened or not.

A bass-reflex type speaker feature is that the bass can be strengthened easily even compact by using the resonance of the duct (the hole), but
the problem that intrinsically unnecessary sound from the back of the speaker leaks from the duct occurs at the same time.
Also, for not interfering the resonance, absorb material use has to be minimized.

A bass-reflex type are well represented like “spatial extent of a sound”, but the reason why is that
you can hear the sound like spatial extent by the result that unnecessary noise from the back of the speaker is interfered and the chorus effect is generated.
Unlike the pure sounds which is recorded originally, this is the sound changed by the speakers.

Sealed types such as light Years 01 are well presented as “Tightened sound”.
This is expression that you can be listening the pure sound recorded originally without interference with unnecessary noise from back.


Tightened sound like listening with headphones

Have you listened to the sound of high-quality headphones?

Hearing the sound of each instrument separately, you can hear the sound which is quite different from a sound you usually listen from the bass reflex speakers
even the same music source.
In the case of a headphone, because of putting on it to listen directly, as well as the sealed speaker, you do not hear unnecessary noise from the back.

When the sound image of Light Years 01 is expressed to understand easily, We think that it is a sound of high-quality headphones.