Main Specifications

Speaker amplifier outputs (left/right-fully independent type)

10 W+10 W (dynamic power).

Speaker play band

40 Hz-23 kHz (when using ASCT)

Headphone amplifier output (left/right-full independent type)

1.4 Vrms (Limit value)

Preamp direct connect analog input terminal (DAI)

3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, 2 systems

(You can’t connect directly from USB and digital signals to it. Separately, USB-DAC and other equipment is required. )

Headphone output terminal

3.5 mm stereo mini jack

Amplifier part control switches

Capacitive touch sensor


10 cm sealed (non-protected magnetic), cable 1.5 m

Amplifiers and speaker housing

Solid wood, oils (natural paints)

Power supply

AC adapter (input AC100V, 50-60 Hz / output DC15V)

Power consumption

12 W (rated value) / 0.15 W (standby, AC adaptor not included)

Amp dimensions

Amp: (W) 160 mm x (H) 65 mm 200 mm x (D)

Speaker dimensions

Speakers: (W) 140 mm 170 mm x(H) x(D) 290 mm (per one)


0.8 kg (amp), 1.9 kg (single speaker)

Included items

AC adapter, 3.5 mm dia. stereo cable (1 m), the invoice/warranty

Country of manufacture