• We will not charge a usage fee.
  • It can be used as a material of a production regardless of profit, non-profit, individual, corporation.
  • You can freely arrange music (loop editing, fade in / out, key change etc).

About credit notation

When using music please refer credit below as much as possible with reference to the following.

(e.g.) Music: en.natuch.com

(e.g.) Music: natuch speaker

If the notation is difficult due to circumstances, please introduce this web site to SNS and your friends.

Prohibited matter

  • Use in conflict with laws and regulations, or content contrary to public order and morality.
  • Secondary distribution of sound sources (publication and sales).
  • Registration to copyright management organization.
  • Content ID registration on YouTube.
  • Direct link to sound source.


  • We do not abandon copyright. The copyright of the song belongs to natuch speaker.
  • No matter what kind of troubles arise in using the sound source,  natuch speaker assumes absolutely no responsibility.
  • We do not issue license agreement. Please judge usability on the basis of the terms of use.
  • These terms are subject to revision without prior notice.
  • Downloadable file format is mp3 320kbps only.